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Sprint review team room example

What is the sprint review team room?

The sprint review team room is a virtual room to hold sprint review meetings. This dedicated space is important for bridging the gap between in-person and remote work.

A sprint review is a vital look back at the previous sprint to review completed sprint work, discuss progress with stakeholders, and collaborate on what work should be done next. Sprint reviews are an important opportunity for the Scrum team to demonstrate their progress and gather any feedback necessary that may impact the product backlog. Sprint reviews are also great for keeping your team’s momentum going and building trust among team members.

Benefits of hosting sprint reviews in the virtual team room

It might initially seem like a virtual room can’t match the feeling of an in-person team room, but that’s actually not true. In fact, there are many benefits to hosting a virtual sprint review:

  1. You can meet in this virtual space for all sprint review meetings to create a sense of regularity, just like in an actual office.
  2. A sprint review is the chance for developers to get feedback from stakeholders, so a collaborative space for people to contribute and react is essential. A virtual space optimizes that feedback and allows for greater transparency.
  3. You can easily customize the room to your team and sprints.
  4. You can use the virtual sprint reviews with the sprint retrospective and sprint planning team room templates to create consistency for your Scrum meetings.

How to use the sprint review team room in Lucidspark

  1. Check out the items in the facilitator’s toolbox to adjust your meeting to your needs and make the room feel as real as possible.
  2. Bring flipcharts in and out of the room as they’re being discussed, use the whiteboard to execute tasks, and even create additional rooms by duplicating the meeting room shape.
  3. Bring the most important items to the center of the room at the time that it’s being used. The room contains templates in one place for easy reference, including a meeting agenda, sprint feedback section, sprint backlog items, a definition of done section, and the GO product roadmap, so lean on them throughout your sprint review.
  4. Use Lucidspark Cards for Jira, Smartsheet, and AzureDevOps to turn discussion topics into action items.
  5. Use the included Lucidspark timer to keep your meeting focused.

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Bryan Stallings

Chief Evangelist, Lucid

As Chief Evangelist at Lucid Software and Certified Scrum Trainer, Bryan Stallings has coached thousands of individuals and teams in Agile and Scrum techniques.

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