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Use this retrospective reflective to determine the effectiveness of your team's retrospectives and define opportunities for improvement.

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Retrospective health template

Improve your sprint retrospectives with retrospective health analysis

Retrospective analysis is an important part of an effective Agile sprint. After all, when you and your team can analyze the success of your sprint, you’re that much better prepared for the next one.

Unfortunately, holding successful sprint retrospectives is easier said than done. With the help of Lucidspark’s retrospective health template, however, you’ll have access to a series of questions that will help uncover problems with your current retrospectives and encourage your team to give you the feedback that you really need. With this format, you can analyze the effectiveness of your past retrospectives and determine how to make improvements for the future.

Give your team’s overall performance a boost

When you effectively use our retrospective health template, you and your team will enjoy a number of benefits.

The main benefit, of course, is that you’ll be able to determine what you need to change to make your sprint retrospectives as useful and effective as possible. Sprint retrospective sessions can be plagued by some of the following difficulties:

  • A lack of clearly defined stages or goals
  • A lack of complete honesty amongst team members
  • A lack of accountability amongst team members
  • A lack of constructive criticism
  • A lack of fresh ideas

Our template provides set questions that address these concerns, which gives your team a way to gauge any issues that beset your retrospective meetings and give you the opportunity to address and resolve them.

In addition to improving your retrospectives and, therefore, your overall sprint performance, you’ll also be able to bond with your team and better understand where they are coming from during a retrospective health analysis. As you invite each team member's individual insight, your team will get to know one another better and will feel that you care about them as individuals.

How to use our retrospective health template to improve your retrospective process

When you’re ready to get started, share our retrospective health template in your Lucidspark workspace so that everyone can contribute to the session. Then:

  1. Gather data: use the first section of the template to get everyone’s honest feedback on your current retrospective process.
    • Have each team member write their name on a sticky note.
    • Read each statement and have them place their sticky note on the scale based on how much they agree or disagree with the statement about retrospectives.
  2. Generate insights: discuss and answer the questions in the next section of the template on how you can improve your retrospective process.
    • Go through each question and have team members add sticky notes with their answers to each section. You have the option to set a timer within Lucidspark to keep everyone on track.
    • After everyone has added their sticky notes, team members can use emoji reactions or the Voting tool to react to and prioritize ideas.
  3. Determine next steps: use the last section of the template to create actionable items and plan what to do next.
    • Based on the reactions or votes in the last template section, create action items with Lucidspark Cards.

When you’ve determined what needs to change to make your sprint retrospectives more helpful, you’ll be ready to hold productive retrospective meetings. When that time comes, feel free to use our tips on how to run effective retrospective meetings, along with our sprint retrospective template.

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Bryan Stallings

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As Chief Evangelist at Lucid Software and Certified Scrum Trainer, Bryan Stallings has coached thousands of individuals and teams in Agile and Scrum techniques.

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