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Lucidspark template roundup: July 2023

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Happy August! July brought us barbecues, fireworks, and several new Lucidspark templates that will boost productivity, streamline your workflow, and maximize the effectiveness of your meetings. As always, don’t forget to check back next month for the latest Lucidspark template updates.

Let’s explore the Lucidspark templates created in July: 

1. Meeting template

Looking to align your team as you meet virtually? This template is for you. Record the meeting using our Headroom integration, then post it in the template in the indicated space. The template becomes inherent documentation, so team members can revisit it long after the session ends for easily accessible context.

Lucidspark templates
Meeting template example (click image to modify online)

2. Brainstorming meeting

Maximize your team’s ideating power with our new brainstorming meeting template. This resource guides you in brainstorming, voting on ideas, and then deciding on next steps, all with our Headroom integration. Leave the session with clarity, tasks, and to-dos so your whole team is ready to do their best work.

Lucidspark templates
Brainstorming meeting template example (click image to modify online)

3. Coaching and mentorship program

The coaching and mentorship program template will efficiently guide partners and small groups through recurring mentorship or coaching meetings using Lucidspark. Set goals and determine action items while easily checking back on previous meetings to assess the progress you’ve already made.

Lucidspark templates
Coaching and mentorship program template example (click image to modify online)

4. Y chart

Y charts are a commonly used tool in education environments, but they can easily supplement your next brainstorming session, too. Use our new Y chart template to take a deep dive into an item or brand. Consider what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like to better understand—and improve—your product.

Lucidspark templates
Y chart template example (click image to modify online)

5. Facilitating meetings

Create a plan to confidently lead your next meeting using our facilitating meetings template. Consider the purpose and outcomes, level of facilitation techniques, and more. Accounting for all the details beforehand increases your chances of success and productivity in the meeting.

Lucidspark templates
Facilitating meetings template example (click image to modify online)

6. Pomodoro planner template

Improve time management with tomatoes! The Pomodoro planner template is a visual application of the Pomodoro Technique, which emphasizes short, focused work intervals followed by routine breaks. Break down tasks and steps using dynamic shapes that help you visualize the percentage of your completed goal to stay motivated. It’s a “grape” way to get a lot done in a short amount of time.

Lucidspark templates
Pomodoro template example (click image to modify online)
Lucidspark templates

There are hundreds of free Lucidspark templates for every use case.

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