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What's on your radar is a design thinking exercise that can help organize ideas according to their importance. The closer to the center, the higher priority it is. Use our what’s on your radar design thinking template.

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design thinking template

What is the what’s on your radar design thinking template?

The what’s on your radar design thinking template provides a strategic approach to ideas by ranking them visually in order of importance. This template is part of design thinking, which is a creative approach to solving problems that puts humans at the forefront of decisions and brings order to the mind. This is especially important for creatives, who often don’t suffer from a lack of ideas, but do suffer from a way to organize and act upon them.

Benefits of using the what’s on your radar template

There are some unique benefits to using a cloud-based technology radar template. While it’s great to use on your own, it’s a fantastic tool to use in teams. Here are some benefits:

  • This team radar template can be applied to many scenarios, from deciding which feature to build next to determining which project to focus on.
  • It can be used to prioritize your tasks, which can help you focus on what matters most.
  • It can help your team become aligned on what’s most important, reducing current and future friction.

How to use the what’s on your radar template in Lucidspark

  1. First, identify the problem you’re trying to solve. Consider posing it in the form of a question: “What should we focus on during Q4?” or “What do I need to get done this weekend?”
  2. You may choose to arrange your ideas by segment; in that case, title each segment in the bucket provided.
  3. Next, add ideas and tasks to the board. Use one sticky note for every task or idea.
  4. Use collaborator colors to assign each team member an individual color.
  5. Utilize tagging to help identify common themes and trends among the ideas.
  6. The most important tasks and ideas should be moved to the center of the target. Arrange the other sticky notes in order of importance, with the least important ideas farthest away from the center.

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