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Brainstorm ideas by setting specific constraints. Take one constraint at a time and come up with as many solutions as possible with the constrainer idea template in Lucidspark.

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Brainstorm solutions using constraints

What is the constrainer template and how does it benefit brainstorms?

Ever been stuck on a project for days on end, only to receive a sudden burst of inspiration the night before your deadline?

Inspiration can strike from just about anywhere, even from our limitations. Many studies show that a deadline, budget, physical parameter, or a business requirement can encourage new ways of thinking, leading to unique solutions that might not otherwise come up. Our constrainer template encourages teams to direct their focus and explore their creativity using predetermined constraints.

How to use the constrainer template in Lucidspark

Here’s a step-by-step to getting started with our container template:

  1. Define your constraints as a team. Examples here would be: “Every idea must cost at least $1 million to create” or “Every idea must get you in trouble with your boss.”
  2. Together with your team, take one constraint at a time and come up with as many ideas or solutions as possible. Use the Collaborator Colors to keep track of who’s contributed what ideas and the timer to keep your team engaged and on track. Then, synthesize ideas with emoji reactions or our Voting feature.
  3. Make plans for next steps by creating action items that you can follow up on.

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