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Start your day template

What is the Start Your Day Innovation Game?

The Start Your Day Innovation Game is from Luke Hohmann’s Innovation Games, a set of games to help teams understand what their customers want so they can better tailor their products or services to meet those needs. The Start Your Day game template includes several calendars, and players brainstorm when customers use the product and how it affects them.

Benefits of using the Start Your Day template

The Start Your Day template is fun and easy to use, especially because it’s so collaborative. You can use the template with your team in person or remotely to work on the game in real time.

As you go through the template, you’ll gain insights into when and why your customers use your product or service. The Start Your Day template makes this brainstorming process visual, which makes it easy to understand and learn from your customers directly.

You can use the insight you gain to improve your product, build new features, and refine your sales messaging for it, which saves you money by keeping you from focusing on parts of your product or service that customers don’t value.

How to use the Start Your Day template in Lucidspark

Work with a focus group of customers so you can better understand how they use your product or service. The template includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars—ask the participants to add sticky notes to each calendar to show when they use your product and what they use it for. Remind the participants to include both one-time and recurring events.

Use Lucidspark’s array of features to get the most from the template. If helpful, host a discussion after your group has filled out the template to get richer, more detailed information, and use the Notes panel to document what the group says. You can also ask the participants to react with emojis and comment on the sticky notes so you get a better idea of how the group feels about the product or service.

To help you make sense of the data you gather in the template, assign each customer a collaborator color so it’s easy to tell what feedback came from which person. You can also tag sticky notes so you can sort them later by theme.

With the Start Your Day template, you’ll find out what your customers are already doing with your product or service and how they feel about it. Use the information from the completed template to identify how to improve your product and make it just what your customers need.

Luke Hohmann logo

Luke Hohmann

Author, Innovation Games

As the author of the book Innovation Games, Luke Hohmann dives into predicting what customers want through a gameified approach. Luke believes that once you know what customers want, innovation can thrive.

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