GIPHY mood check icebreaker

Help break the ice at the beginning of a meeting by using the GIPHY mood check icebreaker template to encourage everyone to express their emotions only using GIFs.

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About the GIPHY mood check icebreaker

When it comes to scheduling and holding meetings, it’s hard to please everyone. Too early and half the participants will still be shaking off sleep. Too late and they’ll be fighting off that post-lunch drowsiness. Some people might be thrilled to be there, and others not so much.

But you can, however, start things off right: with an icebreaker activity that helps you get a quick read of the room. Enter Lucidspark’s GIPHY mood check icebreaker template.

How to use this icebreaker game for your work meetings

In this icebreaker, participants have three minutes to create a personal mood board on a collaborative Lucidspark board. But instead of images, each mood board will be made up of GIFs.

Thanks to Lucidspark’s GIPHY integration, adding GIFs to your board is super easy! Just click the image icon in the toolbar and use the search bar to find the perfect one.

This is a pretty simple, lighthearted icebreaker, but don’t underestimate it: This activity can inject some much needed energy and life into the beginning of a meeting!

You can make this activity as quick or involved as you like. Consider using Lucidspark’s voting feature to have participants vote on the most relatable mood board. It’s a fun way to make the activity more engaging, while also helping you get a read on the room. Win-win, right?

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GIPHY enables individuals to express themselves and make their everyday conversations more entertaining through GIFs, stickers, Arcade, Clips, and much more. Learn more about GIPHY here.

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