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Put effort toward the features that matter most by performing a feature audit. Add your features to the matrix according to their frequency and adoption.

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features audit template

What is a feature audit?

Product and website designers can sometimes get a little carried away with adding features to their designs. While there are a lot of cool and potentially useful features that can improve your product and make it better than ever, sometimes you and your team need to evaluate the actual utility of such features and how they are actually being used.

This is where a feature audit can come in. These brainstorming sessions help you review different features and evaluate how many people use them and how often. This can then allow you to determine what features are most useful, which features need to be changed, and what features you may need to retire.

How to lead your brainstorming session with our feature audit template

To get started, gather the user information you need and share the feature audit template on Lucidspark’s virtual whiteboard. Then create sticky notes for different features and drag them to the appropriate part of the feature audit chart. You can use tags to help categorize different types of features.

As you and your team go over the chart, discuss what to do with features that fall lower on the frequency and adoption scales. You can choose to:

  • Remove the feature: Taking out the feature might save resources and improve the overall efficiency of your product or service.
  • Improve the feature: The feature may have some flaws that are preventing it from being used to its full potential. Fix these and the utility should improve.
  • Increase the feature’s adoption: Perhaps not enough of your users are aware of the feature in question. You may need to find different ways to market it.
  • Increase the frequency of the feature’s use: Maybe the feature under discussion isn’t integrated enough into the platform or service. You may need to discuss processes and how to include this feature more successfully.

As your discussion progresses, you can use emoji reactions or votes to get your team’s opinion on the best options for each feature. As you make decisions, you can add these as action items with Lucidspark Cards, which will enable you to proceed directly to a product roadmap.

As you visualize and discuss the utility of different features, you and your product team will be able to quickly determine the best ways to improve your product.

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