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Event Retrospective Template - Retrospective Document Template

What is an event retrospective?

When it comes to continuous improvement, a little reflection is key. Event retrospectives are interactive surveys that give event attendees a chance to reflect openly about what worked and what didn’t during an event. In this template, you can ask participants to record their thoughts about specific aspects of the event, including their favorite parts, takeaways, or impression of your brand.

Benefits of using the event retrospective template

An event retrospective can open the floor to constructive conversations around how to increase event engagement in the future, tailor your events to specific audiences, and capitalize on what’s resonating with participants.

Best yet, Lucidspark makes it easy to share the template with attendees through Guest Collaborators, even if they’re not currently Lucidspark users. With Lucidspark’s interactive features, your participants can have fun leaving emojis or GIFs, and you can easily tag them in comments to follow-up on any feedback you’d like more information on.

Lucidspark’s event retrospective template is easy to customize, so feel free to change the questions to fit your needs.

How to use the event retrospective template in Lucidspark

Here’s how to gather feedback on your events using Lucidspark:

  1. Share the event retrospective with any event attendees you’d like feedback from.
  2. Ask participants to answer each question using a sticky note, GIF, image, icon, or even a drawing. You can encourage them to react to other participants’ responses with emojis or comments.
  3. Browse through your participants’ responses and identify opportunities for improvement or action items you need to follow up on.

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As Events Manager at Lucid, Tracey Major specializes in marketing events, sales training, and project management.

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