Dots and Boxes Game Template

Break the ice through a connecting the dots game. Play online with anyone from anywhere. We've also included instructions for how to play dots and boxes.

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A template for the Dots and Boxes game

What is dots and boxes?

Dots and boxes is a two-player icebreaker game. It can be played online from anywhere and requires little preparation or prior knowledge. It’s an easy, interactive way to take a break with a coworker or to stir up a little friendly competition among your team members.

The idea is simple: each player takes a turn connecting two dots. The last player to complete a box gets to claim that box as their own by initialing inside it. The game ends when there are no more dots to connect. The winner is the player who has the most completed boxes, as indicated by initials.

Benefits of using dots and boxes

There are several ways our dots and boxes template could be useful to your team.

  • Break down walls: This easy-to-understand game invites asynchronous teams to virtually connect. It can help coworkers get to know each other better. While this game is intended for two players, it is easily scalable. It’s simple to initiate several games at the same time, so every team member can play simultaneously for an icebreaker activity.
  • Take a mental break: Dots and boxes provides your team with a productive break from work while increasing focus and eliminating switch-tasking.
  • Encourage strategic thinking: While dots and boxes is, on the surface, a very easy game to play, it also requires foresight and strategy. With time, your team will begin to think more critically about their moves and strategy.

How to play the dots and boxes game in Lucidspark

The rules for dots and boxes are very simple and many people will likely already know how to play.

  1. Instruct each player to choose a Collaborator Color so they can easily tell whose line is whose.
  2. Going in order, take turns joining two adjacent dots with a horizontal or vertical line. If a player completes the fourth side of a box, they initial the box and receive another turn to draw another line.
  3. When all the boxes have been completed, the person with the most boxed initials wins.
  4. Tip: Make the game shorter or longer by adding or deleting rows of dots.

The dots and boxes game is a simple enough game to play, but because many team members likely remember playing it in their childhood, you may find it’s an addicting activity!

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