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Analyze your business and manage your workflow with this template. Use this workflow document template in Lucidspark to help your team visualize workflow.

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What is the document management workflow template?

This template helps you keep track of your document workflow by highlighting your current process and finding ways to improve it. Your organization likely already has a high-level process, but you can use the document management workflow template to expand on it and make it even more streamlined.

Benefits of using a template for document workflow management

If you don’t have a good process or system for managing your documents, you may run into problems with people spending extra time searching for information, not having access to the right documents, working off outdated documents, or creating duplicates of files that then confuse others. All of these problems lead to losses in productivity.

Document workflow management makes sure that everyone has access to the documents they need and can find them quickly. Use this template to ensure your organization can reap these benefits.

The template itself is collaborative, so make sure to get other people’s perspectives so you don’t miss anything. Additionally, the visual nature of the document management workflow template helps you spot gaps or inefficiencies quickly.

How to use the document management workflow template in Lucidspark

The template includes examining the following steps:

  • Collecting documents
  • Managing and reviewing documents
  • Storing and archiving documents
  • Delivering documents

Work with your group to brainstorm each part of that process. Use sticky notes with Collaborator Colors so you can keep track of who contributed each idea. After, fill in the process with shapes and lines to group and connect steps.

When you’ve finished mapping the current process, it’s time to focus on the future. Work with your group to identify where your process could improve and generate ideas for how to fill in the gaps.

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