5 Why method

Created by Sakichi Toyoda, this problem-solving framework is a great tool to find the underlying issues that cause surface level problems.

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5 Why method example

What is the 5 Why method template?

The 5 Why Method, developed by Sakichi Toyoda, helps users identify the root cause of a problem by asking "why" five times. Our 5 Why template provides the perfect framework to organize your 5 Why analysis as you search for the underlying issues of problems.

Benefits of using the 5 Why method template

It’s easy to identify surface-level problems within your work; Getting to the root of the problem is a different story. A 5 Why analysis allows you to simplify even the most complex ideas with an easy-to-understand visual framework. Once you and your team have organized, illustrated documentation that outlines your train of thought, it is easy to uncover the root of your problems and refer back as needed.

How to use the 5 Why method template in Lucidspark

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started with our 5 Why template:

  1. Start with Part 1 and fill out surface-level problems. Then complete each box, following the arrows on the template.
  2. Once you’ve finished Part 1, follow the arrows to the bottom of Part 2. At this point, continue back up the template until you reach the end of the exercise. As you work through each box, take time to differentiate your answers to each question.
  3. If you’re completing the exercise as a team, make sure to utilize the in-editor chat and comment features to collaborate efficiently with one another.

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