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Take a creative approach to brainstorming with online sticky notes

  • Go where your ideas take you with an infinite canvas

    Sticky notes are very simple and effective for brainstorming—but what happens when your collaborators can’t meet and ideate in the same room? With digital post-it notes in Lucidspark, you can easily generate and share ideas using an infinite canvas that works across any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Combine sticky notes with freehand drawing for unlimited creativity. Upload bulk sticky notes from any Excel doc or CSV to save time and energy as you organize and build on ideas. 

  • Collaborate organically, regardless of device or location

    Get all the benefits of a live brainstorming session, no matter where you’re working from, by collaborating on your sticky notes online. Every comment, @mention, and emoji reaction is updated in real time, so you and your team can provide feedback and run with ideas without losing creative momentum. With Lucidspark, you can chat with other collaborators directly within your canvas or share your entire document with team members, executives, and other stakeholders to share your ideas on a larger scale. 

  • Turn chaos into action, all in one canvas

    One of the benefits of digital sticky notes is the ability to edit, add to, and organize your brainstorming session quickly and easily. Take your unorganized wall of notes and convert them into a more structured visual that you can build on and share with team members and stakeholders. Take advantage of easy-to-use features like assisted grouping, tags, and color-coding to help you sort through items quickly, visualize themes, and convert ideas into action.

  • Manage your creative process for faster, better results

    Easily incorporate your online sticky notes into any structured brainstorming session to help your team stay motivated and efficient. Use a timer to set a specific time for each brainstorming session and keep your team on track as you ideate, discuss, or take breaks. Evaluate your ideas by setting up a quick voting session amongst your team, and then visualize the results to more quickly decide which direction to take. 

5 reasons why Lucidspark is best for creating sticky notes online

  1. Infinite workspace

    Lucidspark offers an unlimited workspace for you and your team to generate notes, talk through ideas as a team, highlight themes, and vote on your best ideas.

  2. Real-time collaboration

    Our real-time collaboration features make sure your team can see each comment, @mention, chat, and emoji reaction as soon as it’s on the canvas.

  3. Color-coded ideation

    With Lucidspark, admins can assign each collaborator their own color to more easily identify updates and keep brainstorming sessions more organized.

  4. Options for getting started

    Get started on your brainstorming session by creating a board from scratch or selecting a template to fill in with your virtual sticky notes.

  5. Powerful integrations

    Lucidspark integrates with Slack, Google Drive, and Lucidchart, so you can edit and share your diagrams using the apps you already know and love.

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See Lucidspark in action

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A demo of a sample Lucidspark brainstorming board is shown, with lots of active participation from the four participants across the entire board. Next, a rapid series of close ups demonstrating some Lucidspark features: Writing on a sticky note, drawing a circle around an idea, starting a 30-second timer, crossing an item off an agenda, adding emoji reactions to a sticky note, and sharing a board with collaborators in the share settings. The video then continues to demo features in line with the narrator's audio for the remainder of the video. The video ends with the Lucidspark logo and tagline Where ideas ignite.

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