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Brainstorming tools for limitless ideation

  • Brainstorm without mental or physical limits

    A successful brainstorm depends on your group’s ability to share and discuss ideas openly. And our brainstorming software will help you make sure that every voice—and idea—is heard. With an infinite canvas and online brainstorming tools at your disposal, Lucidspark empowers you to collaborate freely with your entire team and make your brainstorming session as structured or unstructured as you want. Anyone can jump in and start contributing right away, either with a blank board or one of our brainstorming templates.

  • Keep ideas organized as they flow

    Our online brainstorming board provides teams with enough space to build off of ideas and still remain organized. Team members can add their thoughts and opinions with sticky notes, freehand drawing, and other shapes. Each collaborator is assigned color-coded shapes and cursors so the team knows where to go for further explanation. Then connect related ideas with tags and our Sort and Gather features to drive ideas forward.

  • Involve your whole team when it counts

    Work together in real time on your online brainstorming map. With unlimited collaborators allowed on every project, you can take advantage of new ideas from every source possible. Lucidspark offers a distraction-free space where every collaborator can leave comments, chat in real time, and react with emojis. Vote on ideas as a team and use timers to keep your team on track. With our online whiteboard, you have everything you need to actively facilitate meetings, encourage more participation, and keep team members engaged to bring about incredible results. 

  • Turn your best ideas into action

    See your ideas through to next steps by giving your team a place to organize meeting notes and list actionable takeaways for your entire team. Use your meeting notes to drive collaborative efforts and create presentation-ready documents that keep team members and stakeholders up to speed on your project moving forward. Save all of your brainstorming documents in one central location so you and your collaborators can reference them whenever you need.

  • Integrate your ideas across your favorite platforms

    Our brainstorming tools make the perfect addition to any collaborative toolbox. Integrate your Lucidspark creations with today’s most popular applications to take your ideas to the next level. Import your work to Google Drive for secure storage and editing access or send it directly to your team Slack conversation for instant collaboration. Export your board to Lucidchart to create more polished visuals, and then head back to Lucidspark if you need to brainstorm further.

4 benefits of online brainstorming with Lucidspark

  1. Build on ideas

    Lucidspark keeps your ideas flowing with its easy-to-use interface. The freedom to share new ideas means freedom to explore better solutions.

  2. Break up routines

    Shake up your team’s standard process and enliven your meetings with Lucidspark. Browse through our templates to see ways you can use our virtual whiteboard.

  3. Encourage teamwork

    Tailor your whiteboard to create a space where participants feel energized to share ideas, offer feedback, and work together as a team.

  4. Combine, refine, and implement ideas faster

    Lucidspark makes it easy for teams to build on existing ideas and visually draw connections through a variety of creative tools.

Frequently asked questions about our online brainstorming board

See Lucidspark in action

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A demo of a sample Lucidspark brainstorming board is shown, with lots of active participation from the four participants across the entire board. Next, a rapid series of close ups demonstrating some Lucidspark features: Writing on a sticky note, drawing a circle around an idea, starting a 30-second timer, crossing an item off an agenda, adding emoji reactions to a sticky note, and sharing a board with collaborators in the share settings. The video then continues to demo features in line with the narrator's audio for the remainder of the video. The video ends with the Lucidspark logo and tagline Where ideas ignite.

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See why Lucidspark is the virtual whiteboarding solution for the evolving enterprise

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