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Likert scales can be used in surveys to collect valuable customer information. Sign up for free to try our Likert Scale template on Lucidspark.

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likert scale template

What is the Likert scale?

A Likert scale is a survey tool that asks the subject to agree or disagree with a statement—and choose how strongly they agree or disagree. Generally, the survey asks the question or makes a statement, and the respondent picks where they fall on the scale between strongly disagree to strongly agree.

While Likert scales generally have five to seven points on them, some have as many as nine.

When to use a Likert scale template

Researchers across many disciplines use this tool to measure agreement or disagreement, but you’ll commonly see Likert scales used to measure customer feedback. This Lucidspark template can be shared for external or internal use, such as asking your team to rate how strongly they agree with the strategy you’re pursuing.

While the classic Likert scale asks respondents to rate how much they agree or disagree, you can also use different criteria. For example, the survey could ask respondents to rate how likely they feel something is to happen, how important an issue is to them, or how frequently an event takes place.

How to use the Likert scale template in Lucidspark

To get started, you need to nail down precisely what you’re trying to measure, such as how well a process is working. Once you have your goal defined, you can get to work on the Likert scale survey template.

You can include either statements or questions in your survey, though we recommend statements since many people just hit “Agree'' when they aren’t sure about a question. Additionally, including both positive and negative statements in pairs can help you get more consistent data about an issue than just one statement for participants to respond to.

Try to keep your questions short and straightforward, and use language that will resonate with your target audience. The Lucidspark Likert scale template is easy to customize, so feel free to add as many survey questions or statements as needed to get a full picture.

Tip: Before you finalize your survey and send it to respondents, consider first sharing with team members for feedback. Welcome them to use comments or emoji reactions to help you understand what is and is not resonating.

Once you’ve finalized your statements in the template, share the Lucidspark board with the participants. These respondents will create a sticky note with their name for each question and place it on the Likert scale.

When you have your responses, consider them carefully so you understand what your respondents are telling you—and you’ll be ready to move forward with your new insights.

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