Event storming

Drive greater understanding and productivity by including multiple levels of stakeholders to reveal your business processes more efficiently and enjoyably.

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Event storming example

What is the event storming template?

Event storming involves pinpointing and communicating what’s happening inside the domain of a program or business process. This communicative brainstorming allows participants to build a shared knowledge and understanding of the domain. The event storming template offers a visual structure in which participants can efficiently complete the four steps of the event storming process.

Benefits of using the event storming template

Event storming is an effective activity for boosting understanding and increasing productivity as you begin new projects, implement new features, or explore alternative processes. Easily visualize and analyze your business processes and systems throughout your brainstorming activity so that they’re clear to you and your entire team. Plus, Lucidspark allows you to invite key stakeholders directly to your board, so you can collect feedback, ensure accuracy, and create alignment as you move forward.

How to use the event storming template in Lucidspark

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started with your event storming template:

  • Check out the color key on the top left so everyone on your team is on the same page about the organization of your template.
  • Follow the event storming steps in order, utilizing sticky notes to contribute thoughts and the timer to stay on track as you work.
  • Step 5 is a Visual Activity! Participants get their own view to rank stickies, categorize Lucid Cards, and more. Simply place your sticky notes into the options bank, save them, and share them with your team. Then visually engage with the combined results!

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