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Sync your tasks across teams with an Agile board that enables you to manage your tasks with clarity and flexibility.

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Agile board template

What is an Agile project board?

In Agile software development, your team moves quickly. As you work through short development cycles, you need to keep track of lots of little pieces of work. An Agile project board can help.

This Agile project board example is suited for Scrum or Kanban methodologies, but you can customize it to fit your needs no matter how you practice Agile. Use it to keep your team aligned.

Why use an Agile board?

In order for Agile to work, you need to communicate with lots of people across different teams, oftentimes including developers, marketers, and designers. Collaboration with so many colleagues, each with their own specialities and ways of thinking, is tricky. Stop information from slipping through the cracks by making this Agile board your group’s single source of truth.

The Agile board makes the work visible and transparent so everyone knows the status of each piece of work, including what progress it has made and what impediments are in the way. This transparency keeps everyone accountable and improves your group’s ability to plan for future development cycles. In the end, this makes your team more efficient so you can deliver the working software your customers need.

How to use the Agile board template in Lucidspark

Begin by deciding what specifically you’re going to use this Agile board template for—you’ll need to know what project it covers and what your goal is. Next, customize the board to reflect the team working on the project, the project’s size, and whatever else you need.

If you use tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, or Smartsheet, Lucidspark can make the transition seamless. Use Lucidspark Cards, and the board will sync both ways with your tool of choice so you’ll see updates in both places.

As you use the Agile board template with your team, take advantage of features like emoji reactions and comments. Ask your questions about status or impediments directly on the sticky note in question, and use emojis to celebrate or commiserate with your team members as they complete their work. You’ll keep all the information in one place, and you’ll bring your team closer together as you work through your project.

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