Mobile app wireframe template

Design the mobile experience of your website or app with this wireframe template. Customize and collaborate with others to quickly get feedback on designs.

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Mobile app wireframe template

What is an app wireframe?

A wireframe is a rough sketch of how an app or website will look. When you create a wireframe, you map out what information users will receive, how they’ll navigate the app, and what the interface will look like.

A wireframe is generally a bare-bones visual—it’s a starting point where you don’t worry about details like fonts and color. You need to do this simple planning version of your mobile app before you can move on to mockups, which will look more like the finished version, and prototypes, which will include functionality.

Why should you start with a low-fidelity wireframe?

When you begin planning your app, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself. You may be tempted to plan every detail from the beginning so it looks as great as you first envisioned it. However, you should start with a low-fidelity wireframe.

A low-fidelity wireframe, as opposed to a high-fidelity wireframe, is very simple. Think of it as a blueprint for your app instead of an early version of it. If you start with this basic sketch, you’ll save your team time in the long run—you can get everyone to agree on the design and flow before your UX designers spend a lot of time working on it. That way, your designers won’t waste time on something that will have to change later on.

How to use our mobile app wireframe template

When you open our mobile wireframe template in Lucidspark, you can start adding text and images right away. You can import images directly: Use our integrated image search feature to find the perfect picture or try our iconfinder to find the right arrow or dash. Remember to keep it simple—don’t get ahead of yourself.

You’ll need multiple pages in your wireframe to show the entire flow of your app. Drag the template out as many times as you need to capture the entire experience for your users.

Once you’ve made your low-fidelity wireframe, it’s time to seek input. Share your wireframe with others in Lucidspark and use our collaborative tools to get feedback. Once you’ve heard from the relevant stakeholders, you can go back and add more detail—and you’re on your way to the next stage of building your app.

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