Agile development templates

Make your Agile events more collaborative and effective. Use Lucid’s tried-and-tested solutions to guide your team through every step of the sprint cycle.

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Backlog Planning 2x

Backlog planning template

Visually assess your backlog stories. Use Lucid Cards or sticky notes as you move each story through the process and plan next steps.

Assess your backlog
Backlog Refinement 2x

Backlog refinement template

Clarify work to be done by breaking down product backlog items. Collaborate with your team to prioritize items and assign tasks.

Refine your backlog
Sprint Estimation 2

Sprint estimation template

Streamline collaborative planning with story point estimation. Gain visibility into the scope of work and team effort required to complete it.

Estimate your effort
Sprint Planning 2x

Sprint planning template

Get everyone on the same page as you kick off sprint planning. Use visuals to ensure the whole team is aligned on the sprint goal.

Plan your sprint
Daily Standup 2x

Daily standup template

Centralize shared resources and track progress by creating a virtual home base. Connect dispersed team members to review daily to-do items.

Connect your team
Sprint Review 2x

Sprint review template

Share accomplishments and discuss what was built during the increment at the end of each sprint. Create a living blueprint for your product.

Review your sprint
Sprint Retrospective 2x

Sprint retrospective template

Improve your team performance by asking team members to reflect and contribute feedback you can use to optimize processes and workflows.

Improve your processes

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