3-circle Venn diagram template

Try this simple Venn diagram template to visualize the similarities and differences between three items. Easily add text and drag shapes to move or resize.

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3-circle venn diagram template

What is a three-circle Venn diagram?

A three circle Venn diagram shows the commonalities and differences between things—while you can use a Venn diagram to compare basically anything, you commonly see them used for concepts or ideas. The diagram has at least two overlapping circles. To use a 3 circle Venn diagram, you enter the traits unique to each thing that you’re comparing and contrasting into the 3 circles and any shared commonalities into the sections that overlap.

This particular triple Venn diagram template has three overlapping circles to compare and contrast three different ideas or items.

Benefits of creating a Venn diagram online

You probably recognize Venn diagrams—they’re everywhere, and for good reason. Many teachers use them for students as young as elementary school because they’re easy to understand. Additionally, editable Venn diagram templates help students learn about new concepts quickly because they show the relationships between ideas.

Many teams use the 3 part Venn diagram template at work to compare potential choices, such as options for the best customer retention strategy or hiring decision. If you need to collaborate with your colleagues to determine the best path forward, try working on this three-circle Venn diagram template together in Lucidspark. It’s fast and easy to use, so you’ll be able to get started quickly.

How to use our 3 circle Venn diagram maker

To begin, label each circle in the 3 way Venn diagram template with the concept that you’re comparing. Next, fill in the circles: put traits unique to each idea in the middle of each circle, and put commonalities in the overlapping areas. Don’t forget the area in the center that overlaps with all three circles.

You can type these traits directly into the shapes, or you can use sticky notes, which you can move around as needed. If you need more space in one circle than another, feel free to resize it in the triple Venn diagram maker! This 3 circle Venn diagram generator is flexible, so make it work for you and your needs.

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