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Visually brainstorm from anywhere. Your team's best ideas will always stick around on Lucidspark's infinite canvas.

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Go where your ideas take you with an infinite canvas

With digital post-it notes in Lucidspark, you can easily generate and share ideas using an infinite canvas that works across any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Combine sticky notes with freehand drawing for unlimited creativity.

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Collaborate organically, regardless of device or location

Get all the benefits of a live brainstorming session, no matter where you’re working from. Every comment, @mention, and emoji reaction is updated in real time, so you and your team can provide feedback and run with ideas without losing creative momentum.

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Turn chaos into action, all in one canvas

Take your unorganized wall of notes and convert them into a more structured visual that you can build on and share with team members and stakeholders. Take advantage of easy-to-use features like assisted grouping, tags, and color-coding to help you sort through items quickly, visualize themes, and convert ideas into action.

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Manage your creative process for faster, better results

Easily incorporate your online sticky notes into any structured brainstorming session to help your team stay motivated and efficient. Use a timer to set a specific time for each brainstorming session and keep your team on track as you ideate, discuss, or take breaks. Evaluate your ideas by setting up a quick voting session amongst your team, and then visualize the results to more quickly decide which direction to take.

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Bring your bright ideas to life.

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