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Brainstorm, collaborate, and design on an infinite canvas online

  • Intuitive functionality

    Lucidspark offers all the tools you need for your canvas, including the ability to drag and drop shapes, sketch freehand, add sticky notes, and include images and GIFs. You’ll be able to include all your thoughts as quickly and freely as you come up with them.

  • Built for collaboration

    Work with others as you create your canvas. With Lucidspark, you can work with anyone—no matter their location—and you can collaborate in real time or asynchronously. Whatever your team’s setup, you can get the job done.

  • Ideate with ease

    Lucidspark’s features make it easy to brainstorm—the canvas is flexible enough to capture all your ideas and the connections you make between them. Come up with ideas quickly so you can kick-start your design process.

  • Extensive template gallery

    You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve created hundreds of templates for every use case we can think of—all you have to do is pick one and start filling it out. That way, you get to start working on your ideas quickly instead of doing the tedious work of selecting the right shapes and lines.

  • Integrate with your favorite tools

    Lucidspark integrates with planning software like Google Workspace, Asana, and more. Combine Lucidspark with your favorite tools to help you build your schedule and share your work easily.

How to build a canvas online

  1. Define your needs

    You can use Lucidspark to come up with ideas no matter the situation—whether you’re planning a vacation, designing a new product, or creating your strategy for the next year. Define what you’re trying to accomplish, and Lucidspark’s infinite canvas and templates will help you get there.

  2. Brainstorm your ideas

    Brainstorm by yourself or with others. Use sticky notes, sorting, and our AI features to explore the ideas everyone brings to the table.

  3. Get feedback from stakeholders

    When you’re ready, share your board with stakeholders. Get feedback on what you’ve come up with and have everyone vote on the best ideas.

  4. Sketch out solutions

    Once you have your best ideas selected, flesh them out. Use our extensive template library to help you map out the solutions you’ve come up with.

  5. Share your work and keep refining it

    Your first draft is done! You can share it with others, but you don’t have to stop there. Keep reiterating until you have an end product that meets everyone’s needs and sets you up for success.

Make a free canvas online

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A demo of a sample Lucidspark brainstorming board is shown, with lots of active participation from the four participants across the entire board. Next, a rapid series of close ups demonstrating some Lucidspark features: Writing on a sticky note, drawing a circle around an idea, starting a 30-second timer, crossing an item off an agenda, adding emoji reactions to a sticky note, and sharing a board with collaborators in the share settings. The video then continues to demo features in line with the narrator's audio for the remainder of the video. The video ends with the Lucidspark logo and tagline Where ideas ignite.

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