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Transform how your team communicates with Lucidspark’s Microsoft integrations

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In today’s business environment, speed is the name of the game. Companies have to move lightning fast to meet the demands of their customers and stay ahead of the competition. 

How you communicate needs to move just as fast as you do—that’s why Lucidspark integrated with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint to transform how you collaborate visually. 

Now teams can foster brainstorming, get creative, and turn insights into action to make their best ideas reality using these integrations. Check out these tips and tricks to get started.

Keep your teams connected 

Collaborating with your teammates in real time just got easier. Share your Lucidspark boards and get instant notifications for your boards in Microsoft Teams, and then embed those documents on any SharePoint page. Never miss out on a good idea again.

virtual collaboration

Keep track of every comment, share, and board request without having to switch back and forth between multiple applications and windows. Use Teams and Lucidspark together to stay on top of projects and streamline your workflow. 

For the ultimate immersive collaboration experience, try the Lucidspark meeting stage in Teams. It’s the full experience of an in-person whiteboarding session within your Teams video conferences. Participants can brainstorm ideas using sticky notes or freehand drawing on an infinite board that’s embedded in a full-screen meeting interface. 

Whether team members are in the office, working remotely, or a combination of the two, everyone can add to the board and participate in real time. Take collaboration to the next level with emoji reactions or collaborator colors. Then, make sense of everyone’s ideas with tagging and Gather + Sort functionality, or prioritize the best ideas with a voting session. Bring your best ideas to life without ever leaving your Teams meeting using the Lucidspark meeting stage.

Centralize conversations in one location

Organize your team’s conversations around different topics in Microsoft Teams. The integration makes it easy to share Lucidspark boards in existing conversations. Add a Lucidspark board as a tab to a team channel or embed them in a SharePoint site to keep teams across your organization aligned. 

You can also start conversations around specific boards using the chat icon in Teams to keep things organized. This creates a dedicated chat for that board to connect your team while enabling real-time edits. 

Ready to leave comments?  Open a Lucidspark board in Teams and leave your notes on virtual sticky notes and shapes. Try @mentions to notify individuals and quickly get the feedback you need. 

Share boards quickly and easily 

Save time by previewing your boards before you send them. When you share Lucidspark links via Microsoft Teams, they automatically unfurl and give you a quick preview so you can make sure you're sending the right link.

Set permissions to determine who can view, edit, or comment on boards before you share them, all without leaving Teams. However, when you embed a Lucidspark board in a SharePoint site, those who have access to the site can see the Lucidspark board, regardless of Lucid account permissions.

Once you’ve finished a brainstorming session, add the board to your SharePoint site. Now, leadership and other team members can see the current state of a project and keep track of any changes.

virtual collaboration

Turn conversations into action 

Productive team conversations can lead to the best ideas, but only if they are remembered in the first place. When channels are constantly updating, good ideas can easily get lost. The solution? Start a visual brainstorm with Lucidspark right from Microsoft Teams to improve your productivity and collaboration and keep track of every golden idea. 

The Lucidspark integration automatically adds all teammates in the channel to your board. It’s easy to get started. Just paste your Lucidspark link into your team channel to start working collaboratively. Or, open a virtual whiteboard right in Teams with the Lucidspark meeting stage. 

virtual collaboration

The Lucidspark integration automatically adds all teammates in the channel to your board. It’s easy to get started. Just paste your Lucidspark link into your team channel to start working collaboratively. Or, you can select the boards using the Lucidspark message extension and open a whiteboard online right in Teams.

Combine the power of Lucidspark with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint to take your collaboration to a whole new level and turn your ideas into reality. Sign up for Lucidspark today to enjoy the benefits of these integrations!

Uplevel your collaboration by combining Lucidspark and Microsoft.

Get the integrations

Uplevel your collaboration by combining Lucidspark and Microsoft

Get the integrations

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