Lucidspark app for Zoom

Gather around the whiteboard even when you’re in Zoom. Increase meeting engagement and enhance team collaboration by making Lucidspark the centerpiece of your remote meetings.

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Bring new life to your meetings

Start a Lucidspark board without ever leaving Zoom, and let our virtual whiteboard drive interaction that will beat even the worst Zoom fatigue. Capture everyone’s best ideas in one spot—and never ask the team if they can see your screen again.

Collaborate seamlessly no matter where you are

Our integration makes it easy for your entire team to work together in real time without the hassle of switching between screens or applications. Share a board with meeting attendees, get everyone contributing and collaborating on ideas, and decide on next steps together.

Improve meeting facilitation

Let the ideas flow while still bringing the structure needed to keep your workshops effective and move work forward. Call participants to your area of the board, set an agenda in the Note Panel, timebox activities, facilitate small group work with Breakout Boards, and vote on the best ideas—all without ever leaving the meeting.

Get started easily

  1. Search for the Lucidspark app on the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Authorize Lucidspark to connect to your Zoom account and install the app.
  3. From your Zoom meeting, click on Apps and select Lucidspark.
  4. Select “Start Brainstorming,” or click “Log in” to connect your existing Lucid account and start a board.

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Features to level up your Zoom meetings

Capture and act on your team’s ideas while making your meetings more effective and engaging.

Color code collaboration

Assign each meeting participant a unique color to stay on top of team contributions.

Keep tabs on participants

Work effectively on the infinite canvas by choosing to follow other participants or call everyone to your area of the board.

Set a timer

Ensure meetings stay on track and that you have time for every item on the agenda.

Cast a vote

Align around the best ideas by having the entire team vote on the board content of your choosing. Decide whether you’d like votes to remain anonymous, and refer back to voting results throughout the meeting.

Organize your ideas

Easily make sense of your ideas and identify key themes and insights by automatically grouping ideas by the criteria of your choice, such as tags, keyword, or color.

Break into groups

Create Lucidspark Breakout Boards to facilitate effective small group work.

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