Lucidspark for Slack

Capture every good idea, collaborate in real time, and move from insights to action with Lucidspark's integration for Slack.

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Turn conversation into ideation

Watercooler Slack chats can produce some of your team’s best ideas—and those ideas deserve their own space. Any time you have a lightbulb moment, simply start a new Lucidspark board directly from your Slack channel to bring your ideas to life.

Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Our integration makes it simple for your entire team to collaborate effectively in real time. Leverage existing Slack channels to easily share boards directly from Lucidspark to your entire team, and save time by setting board permission levels directly from Slack.

Never miss a good idea

Make Lucidspark a part of your team’s existing workflow without skipping a beat. Get Lucidspark notifications instantly in Slack to stay on top of every comment, share, and request.

Get started

1. Log in to both Lucidspark and the Slack account you would like to connect.
2. Navigate to the integrations tab within your Lucidspark Account Settings.
3. Select “Add to Slack.”
4. Grant Lucidspark access to your Slack instance.

Admins can easily deploy Lucidspark across your entire organization at once—no matter how many Slack workspaces you have.

Features to power team collaboration and ideation

Work together more effectively as a team to make the most of every great idea.


Create consensus around the most promising ideas by holding customized voting sessions. Make votes anonymous, choose what content to vote on, and refer back to voting results to prioritize the work you’ll move forward.

Collaborator Colors

Easily identify team member’s contributions by assigning each a unique color for their sticky notes, shapes, and lines.


Organize your ideas as a team by creating and assigning tags of your choosing to any content on the board.

Sort & Gather

Make sense of your brainstorm by automatically sorting ideas by tag, color, emoji reaction, or other criteria of your choice.

Note Panel

Set a meeting agenda, assign pre-work, or provide helpful context via the Note Panel to help everyone stay on the same page.

More ways to make Lucidspark work for you

Ideation & brainstorming

Capture that next big idea with the help of sticky notes, freehand drawing tools, and an infinite canvas.

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Teamwork & collaboration

Get the most out of collaborative work sessions with in-product chat, voting, and timers that help keep everyone engaged and on-task.

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Organization & evaluation

Transform ideas into strategy by tagging and grouping items, sharing key feedback, and creating presentation-ready docs.

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Customer experience

Collaborate throughout the user research process by collecting, visualizing, and sharing your insights across teams.

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Strategic analysis

Seamlessly shift from ideation to action with everything you need to host effective remote strategy sessions and determine next steps.

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Agile & project planning

Keep your team aligned during standups, sprint planning, and retrospectives to drive project progress.

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