Lucidspark for Microsoft SharePoint

Clearly illustrate brainstorms and next steps, create clarity, and align teams when you embed Lucidspark documents into Microsoft SharePoint.

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Embed Lucidspark boards in SharePoint

Teams can build internal sites where they embed Lucidspark boards in Microsoft SharePoint to share brainstorms, system maps, team processes, and other important resources for collaborators.

Resources for all SharePoint users

Lucidspark boardss embedded in SharePoint will be visible to all users of the SharePoint page, even if they don’t use Lucidspark, so everyone is aligned to a single source of truth. Views can be automatically or manually updated by the page administrator.

Enrich your SharePoint site with powerful visuals

Your SharePoint site is more valuable to your team when they can understand information fast. Embedding Lucidspark visuals into your site helps your teams quickly access and understand the resources available to them.

Increase alignment and prevent silos

By having Lucidspark boards available on internal SharePoint pages, anyone with access to the page can see the board, regardless of Lucid permissions. That easy access prevents information silos, making sure the right information is always available to those who need it.

Embed Lucidspark boards right in SharePoint

Use the integration to embed view-only Lucidspark boards in SharePoint pages. Note that your admin can determine if the board auto-updates on the SharePoint page.

Get started with the SharePoint integration

To use the integration today, simply have your admin add Lucid from the integration marketplace. Your entire organization can now easily stay aligned to execute quickly.

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