Lucid Cards for Jira

Plan your work visually, identify potential roadblocks, and see the big picture using our Lucid Cards for Jira integration. Reach your full potential with Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center, or Jira Server.

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Organize your Jira issues your way

Stop scrolling through long task lists. Import issues from Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center, or Jira Server to easily rearrange, gather, and sort Cards on your board to plan your work visually.

Plan your work visually

Add Jira issues to a Dynamic Matrix to better visualize your Lucid cards that contain Jira data. Pivot the matrix on multiple axes, filter columns, and move cards around as needed to collaborate and plan your work visually.

Keep your teams in sync

Two-way sync ensures that all changes made in Lucidspark are automatically reflected in Jira, and vice versa. Never waste time updating the same information in multiple apps.

Automatically turn sticky notes into Jira cards

Hold brainstorming sessions to capture every idea. Then, turn your best ideas into action items by immediately converting them into Jira issues that are backed up in Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center, or Jira Server.

Visualize Jira issue dependencies

Group issues to quickly identify bottlenecks, risks, and priorities. Map out dependencies by connecting cards with lines to see key relationships and sequence your work effectively.

Tag teammates and vote on Cards

Add teammates to specific cards so they know exactly what they are working on and even vote on which Cards take priority.

Try out templates

Get started quickly with templates like a Sprint retrospective, Scrum board, and more to reduce manual work, encourage collaboration, and organize ideas.

How to make the most of the Lucid Cards for Jira integration

Hold engaging and interactive planning sessions with the Lucid Cards for Jira integration to visualize your backlog, identify potential roadblocks, and see the big picture.

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Agile quarterly planning in Lucidspark

Why you should move agile planning to Lucidspark’s digital whiteboard

Hear from Agile expert, Bryan Stallings, on how you can save time, eliminate unnecessary waste, and improve your planning sessions with Lucidspark.

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