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Import Miro boards and templates into Lucidspark

The rise in workplace software brings its fair share of pros and cons. Pro: There’s now an app for practically every task and item on your to-do list. Con: Trying to keep all of those apps and tools organized and efficient can quickly get overwhelming. 

One way to streamline your workflow and bring order to the chaos? Consolidate your tech stack and work within a suite of products like the Lucid visual collaboration suite. To help you do just this, the team at Lucidspark has made it simple to import boards from Miro. 

Get all the details on setting up a Miro import in our Help Center.

Consolidate your tech stack 

Lucid provides the only visual collaboration suite on the market. What does this mean for you? It means that it’s easier than ever to innovate. Brainstorm, ideate, and collaborate together on Lucidspark and then seamlessly shift into creating the diagrams and workflows to make those ideas a reality in Lucidchart. 

With our new Miro import, it's even easier for IT orgs to consolidate their tech stack. We'll help you migrate from Miro to Lucidspark so you can:

  • Keep all of your work saved and accessible from one unified interface
  • Simplify your admin management processes 
  • Enhance the experience of your teams and end users

Keep your work moving forward

When you migrate Miro boards over to Lucidspark, you can keep sharing, editing, and collaborating with your team. And since Lucidspark integrates with Lucidchart, you don’t have to worry about losing ideas or momentum as you turn strategic plans and brainstorms into critical documentation and action items. 

Plus, when you bring your team to Lucidspark, you can uplevel your collaboration with features built to help you make the most out of each working session. Here’s just a few that you can look forward to:

Collaborator Colors: Assign participants their own color. With a quick glance, you can identify who contributed each idea. 

lucidspark collaborator colors

Breakout Boards: Split into smaller groups to work separately and then share your work with the larger group. You can even pull your work from each Breakout Board and drop it back in the main board to compile ideas and resources.

lucidspark breakout boards

Sort/Gather: Start by tagging your ideas. Then, automatically bring together shapes with the same tag to easily identify trends and patterns.

strategic analysis

Save your templates

Have you already created and saved templates in Miro? Don’t worry. You can bring those right into Lucidspark so you can pick up where you left off. Save time and promote consistency across your team by creating templates unique to your team’s preferences and working styles.

Start consolidating your tech stack and streamlining your team’s workflow by working within the Lucid visual collaboration suite.

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See just how easy it is to collaborate in Lucidspark.

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See just how easy it is to collaborate in Lucidspark.

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Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard that helps you and your team collaborate to bring the best ideas to light. It comes packed with all of the sticky notes, freehand drawing tools, and infinite canvas space you need to capture that next big idea. And it’s built for collaboration. Think of it like a sandbox where your team can bounce ideas around and innovate together in real time.

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