meeting notes

5 best practices for documenting meetings

Use the following best practices to make the most of your meeting notes and improve collaboration across the board.

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Individual brainstorming

How to brainstorm solo

Here’s how you can come up with incredible ideas on your own using some of the same techniques you’re comfortable using with your team.

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group brainstorming

The pros and cons of group brainstorming

Group brainstorming can generate an undeniable synergy between employees and produce solutions. Other times, not so much. Learn the pros and cons of group brainstorming.

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 brainstorm warm up exercises

5 brainstorming warm-up exercises to activate your creativity

Try these brainstorming warm-up exercises to get the creative juices flowing for your next brainstorming session.

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design thinking

The 5 stages of Design Thinking

Learn and master the five elements of Design Thinking to really start thinking outside of the box.

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